It’s not you… It’s me!

Well, after several years of trying to bring you the best in alternative surf, art and nature, Olu Olu has grown tired, old and quite frankly, there is no need for it anymore – which is a good thing.

Back when Olu Olu Surf started, it felt like there was little voice for the smaller alternative shapers or those that represented the awesome people you’d meet in the backwaters of pumping Scottish breaks.

But now, even your grandma has a 70s single fin spare in the garage or a custom 5’0″ Mini-Simmons twin that she does her ironing on. Wetsuits are so good now that you’re toasty in mid-February. And there are numerous places where you can go to get your daily surf vitamins from round the world, my favourites remaining Andrew Kidman, Dan Crockett, the Inertia and most importantly the ever-awesome, ever-inspiring Endless Bummer NY. Thanks to you all, I’ll still be checking in.

I’m going to leave the content up from Olu Olu Surf so that you can still browse through some of the good times. But other than that, it is a big thank you to anyone who has read and enjoyed Olu Olu.

And if you would like to get in touch, please do through my professional SEO site or hit me up on Twitter - I’d be delighted to hear from you.

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